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The right for women to choose to birth their babies at home with a known Midwife is being abused by the Federal Government with its new Bill. This Bill excludes Midwives from attending women, in their own home, during labour. Please help us save this precious right of passage for women that choose homebirth even if this is not your own choice. It is imperative that The Art and Science of Midwifery be preserved.
Medicare funding for midwifery care is long overdue. It is not acceptable however to exclude homebirth from this funding and indemnity arrangement. By doing this Australia is totally out of step with nations such as the United Kingdom, Canada, The Netherlands and New Zealand.

These nations support the rights of women to choose homebirth and fund a registered midwife through their national health scheme. In New Zealand and the U.K women have a legislative right to choose homebirth. *If Australia makes homebirth unlawful it will be on par with the U.S state of Alabama where homebirth is unlawful and capital punishment still exists.*

For more details visit
http://homebirthaustralia.org or
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.