The Brackets Community

Our Brackets performers are a generous bunch who generally perform for free because they love the vibe, the venues and what Brackets is about. Our audiences are supportive, allow experimentation collaboration and impromtu moments and Brackets gives performers the chance to explore new ideas, test out new material or even peform for thye first time.

Brackets and Jam welcomes and embraces all forms of artistic performance, we have a great PA system and often photographers who may even be able to assist with some promotional shots if you are struggling to get yourself out there. Brackets actively promotes it performers through the website and our Facebook pages, we also do our best to get our events and performers into the local media before our gigs, and are often asked for recommendations for festivals and other events.

If you would like to perform at one of our Brackets Venues please submit a profile HERE and call the venue on the contact at the bottom of the website to get a gig. Please be aware our spots are generally booked out well in advance so get in quick if you want to perform that new song in the near future! Of course we can generally always fit in a couple of walk-ons so if you want to give Brackets a go its a good way to get a foot in the door or at least onto one of our stages.