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Our 2009 Annual General Meeting took place at 2.15pm on Sunday 26th July on Kincumba Mountain. Attendance was low but with the amount of sickness around and a number of apologies due to other commitments we had a livli meeting which was kicked of by our usual AGM BBQ.

The newly elected committee for the 2009/2010 financial year is

John Roberts - President

Craig McMullen - Vice President

Tim Green - Secretary

Kelli Mason - Treasurer & Public Officer

Colette Baron - Committee

Glenn Cannard - Committee

Nick Baron - Committee

Tome Accounting Services - Organisation Auditors [Pro Bono]

Following the AGM it was agreed that the next meeting, as planned, would be the August quarter Joint meeting where members from Newcastle, Wyong and Gosford groups attend to raise any matters affecting the group as a whole. An agenda will be distributed shortly to all potential attendees.