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With the weather still warm and the early autumn evenings being so nice, why not join us for an evening of fun, music, dance and good food on one of the Central Coast’s most delightful spots; Kincumber Mountain? For our March 18th event, Brackets and Jam South will share with you another fun night of eclectic music, entertainment, huge drum jams, good vibes and fantastic food overlooking beautiful Brisbane Water.

thumb_thatsthatCome and spre...ad that blanket out on the reserve and soak up the warm evening and an even warmer atmosphere. We will again be featuring some more fantastic performers from Sydney and the Coast and another lovely selection of meals served by our hardworking kitchen volunteers. So whatever the weather, bring a friend, a smile, a drum, a blanket or a chair to sit on and a torch to light your way and treat yourself to what is still one of the cheapest and best night out on the Coast.

Among artists performing this month are:

THAT'S THAT: A warm welcome back to the mountain for long time friends of Brackets, That’s That. Karen and Dianne are a dynamic duo performing original songs. These songs depict life and the journeys along the way. The music is diverse and unique, incorporating jazz, new age folk, tribal and blues and Karen and Dianne share their adventures with much laughter and joy. We invite you to come and let your heart sing with the messages and passion of the songs. Highlights of their performances are the melodic harmonies and the gentle acoustic sound of the guitar accompanied by percussion and drums.

FIRST DRUM JAM: Bring your dancing feet, drum, rattle or whatever and join in our famous and frantic jam.

sedan-deliverySEDAN DELIVERY: Not your usual three piece. Sedan Delivery is an Indy Rock band located on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. Formed in 2002 with the same line-up since consisting of; Paul, Drums and Vocals Driff, Bass, Vocals Darryl, Guitar, Vocals Sedan Delivery has played heaps of Originals and Covers gigs between Sydney and Newcastle, so we ain’t going to list them all here. Influences include; Oz rock by the likes of; The Oil’s, Hoodoos’, Hunters, Sunnyboys and staples such as Neil Young, and Bob Dylan, etc, etc. Live performances have been likened to Nirvana and the Animals! The new 4 track EP, recorded by Simon Tonx@Suburbia Studios titled “The First and Last Hotel” is available at gigs and mail order. Sedan Delivery loves playing music together which is why we do it. Come along for a ride if you wish. And, gasp, we wrote our own Bio.

FINAL DRUM JAM: Stay late and see the evening out with the spirit of the dance and drum! Enjoy a little more space to dance to the powerful beat of the drum.


Brackets and Jam is all about inclusion and creative diversity, whilst supporting a sustainable environment. We are particularly interested in the participation of members of our arts and cultural community who are interested in performing or presenting short pieces in between our bands. Poets, actors, performers, story tellers are more than welcome to share their talents. It’s not just about music on the mountain!

Parking on the mountain is limited. Once the car parks are full you will be asked to park your vehicle at the bottom of the mountain and then to await the bus to the top. Upon leaving for the evening we will whisk you back down to your cars. We have security guards and Brackets volunteers on the gate to assist you. Please be patient!!

We would also like to ask inform parents that under age patrons must be under the direct supervision of a responsible adult for the duration of our event. Young patrons should also be aware that bags WILL be searched and any alcohol found will be removed.