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Come along and shake off those pre-election blues…forget our Tony and our Julia, it’s time to be “moving forward” with Brackets and Jam! Come and shake a leg with us up on the Mountain on Friday 20th August an evening of pre election dullness. Our manifesto is as always: Good music, good food, good company and good times. We will again be featuring some more fantastic performers and another lovely selection of meals served by ou...r hardworking kitchen volunteers. Bring a friend, a smile, a blanket or a chair to sit on and a torch to light your way and treat yourself to what has to be the cheapest and best night out on the Coast. VOTE FOR US!!!!

from-willowThis month we are featuring some fine acts from around the country:

FROM WILLOW: > From Willow was formed in 2009 over a coffee, a jam session and a passion for creative expression.
This new acoustic group from the Central Coast and Sydney has created a fusion of musical ideas to produce an earthy and raw mix of music that evokes nostalgic images of time and life.
Folk melodies and harmonies surround a guitar and percussion driven sound. Reflections of the soul are slowly revealed through rhythmic tone colours.
Founding members Bec O'Hare and Louise Donnelly will be joined by special guests Rod Hollier on guitar/percussion, Hudson Wallace on guitar/percussionand Glen Donnelly on Viola.


DaveLeanDAVID LEAN: Dave is a local singer / songwriter who has recently performed at the Avoca Theater showcase. It will be his first appearance at Brackets so please be sure to give him a warm welcome.

I am Jave on the Acoustic Guitar, i am the musical mystery far beyond where any Scooby-doo crew has ever gone before. My music will warm up the coldest parts of your body, share the rhythmic beat of your heart, the tempo you tap with your feet and the light that you see in your vision. It will allow you to sit back and enjoy, stand up and sway or get up and dance. Its cruisy and catchy, meaningful and meaningless, instrumental and lyrical and always fun and unforgotton. I am a musical friend, and a guy that thinks of everything in song.


FIRST DRUM JAM: Bring your dancing feet, drum, rattle or whatever and join in our famous and frantic jam.

rubixcubaRUBIX CUBA: This will be good!!! You might have caught these guys a few years ago at Coastfest. Tonight we welcome them to B&J as part of their “Government Approved tour” I wonder who approves more, Julia or Tony?

Rubix Cuba: an 80's commercial fad crossed with a communist stalwart. A contradiction. Ska for pop fans, pop for ska fans and so much more!

Whilst appearing happy on the outside and in their music, Rubix Cuba are a deep and melancholy band (not that you'd guess it) with songs from the heart...which they wear on their shirtsleeves!! The Rubix Cubans bring a ball of energy to any stage and are bouncy, photogenic and annoyingly catchy.

Rubix Cuba draws influences from a variety sources including ska, rock, funk, punk, swing, jazz, Latin and Cuban. This makes the band a musical feast for listeners and a visual carnival for gig goers.

The band explodes in a ball of energy on stage (most days) so check out a show near you...and see a giant dancing rubiks cube in the flesh...CUBIE!!!!

Read more: http://www.myspace.com/rubixcuba#ixzz0wID1JGzE

FINAL DRUM JAM: Stay late and see the evening out with the spirit of the dance and drum! Enjoy a little more space to dance to the powerful beat of the drum.

Brackets and Jam is all about inclusion and creative diversity, whilst supporting a sustainable environment. We are particularly interested in the participation of members of our arts and cultural community who are interested in performing or presenting short pieces in between our bands. Poets, actors, performers, story tellers are more than welcome to share their talents. It’s not just about music on the mountain!

Parking on the mountain is limited. Once the car parks are full you will be asked to park your vehicle at the bottom of the mountain and then to await the bus to the top. Upon leaving for the evening we will whisk you back down to your cars. We have security guards and Brackets volunteers on the gate to assist you. Please be patient!!

We would also like to ask inform parents that under age patrons must be under the direct supervision of a responsible adult for the duration of our event. Young patrons should also be aware that bags WILL be searched and any alcohol found will be removed.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience in helping us to continue providing one of the most successful community run arts and music events on the Coast.

Our Brackets events are created for the whole community, so get involved as a performer, a volunteer, or come along and be part of our audience. Any help you would like to offer on the night would be greatly appreciated. Our events are entirely volunteer run so the more help we get the better!